18" or 24" Heavy Duty Bolt Croppers

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This bolt cutter is forged of high quality high carbon steel, overall heat treatment, high precision and durable.
Cutting blades are made from T8 steel, overall heat treatment and high frequency quench hardening for high hardness.
Strengthen rivets connect tightly and will not fall off easily, which ensures a longer service life.
Ergonomic black plastic handle grip is well designed, nonslip, wear-resisting and practical.
Thickened handle tube is strong and durable, powder coating surface is beautiful and rust-resistant.

Size: approx. 45cm/18" 60cm/24 "
Cutting Diameter: 1.3cm/0.5" 1.8cm/0.7" 2.1cm/0.8"

1 x  18" or  24 " Bolt Cutter