12v 30 LED LIGHTs Kit Interior For Van Camper Car Van LWB Trailer Boat Caravan

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12V 10×3 LED Lamp Car Interior Lighting Kit Bright White.
Can be installed how and where you want with a strong self-adhesive 3m back.
About 5 ft in length and about 3 inches between light. You can cut the wire between the lights and have two shorter strands or add a wire between them to Space the lights further apart from each other.
You can put them on a sensor to come on and go off when you want them to.
Super bright, Great for work lighting, or finding parcel quickly and safely.
Could be tailored to use in an RV or for fishing and hunting.
These kits are great for many uses, such as Vans / Boats / Caravans / Campervans / Trailers / Lorries / HGV’s / Horseboxes.
Each of the LED sections contains 3 led for a total of 30 LED.

Voltage: 12V
Long lasting, low power
This kit includes 10 LED Modules with a Total of 30 LEDs.
Full lighting throughout your van
Custom layout, install them how and where you want with a sticker on the back
Item Weight: 259 g
LED Quantity: 30
Light Beam: 160 Degrees
Bulb Life: 50,000 Hours
Light Colour: Warm White
10 LED Modules Total Length: 164cm
Super bright, Great for work lighting, or finding parcel quickly and safelyWe also have the CE, ROHS certification.
These kits can be used as emergency lights, camping lights, vehicle repair lights, field operation lights, it fits for most Car / Van / LWB / Trailer / Lorry / Ducato / Transit / VW / Auto / Truck / Boats / Trail / HGV’s / HorseBoxes / Car boots.