11pcs 7" Polisher Pad Kit Waxing Buffing Polishing

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Black (super fine) polishing and finishing pad

Provide a rich, vortex-free high-gloss surface

Blue (medium) light cutting and polishing pad, final cutting, polishing or glazing clear coating surface

Orange rough foam polishing pad Standard grade cutting pad, very suitable for enamel, acrylic and polyurethane

Finished polished wool pads are great for hard finishes and clear coatings

Red (extra rough) actively cut

Green fine foam polishing pad for final cutting, polishing, finishing pad




Material: Sponge
Form: roundness
Color:As Pictures


Package Include:

2 x Black Heavy cut Pad Premium Medium Foam Light Cut
2 x Orange Heavy cut pad
1 x Woolen pad for finish polish
1 x Hook&Loop Backer Plate
1 x Drill Adapter
1 x Red Waffle Detail Polish pad
1 x Green Waffle pad for Light cut
1 x Orange Waffle pad for Heavy Cut
1 x Blue Waffle pad for wax And Do Buff
1 x Black Waffle pad for buff and Do wax