10L - Tyre Shine Dressing Wet Look Gloss Finish Long Lasting

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Wet-Look Finish
Pro-Kleen’s Tyre Shine provides a wet-look finish to make your tyres look shiny, clean and like-new. Despite the wet-look finish, the product is a grease-free formula to keep your tyres looking their best, without worrying about a messy finish. 
Non-Sling Formula
Once you’ve applied Tyre Shine to your tyres, it’ll stay put thanks to the non-sling formula. This means the product will not transfer onto your paintwork as you drive to keep your car and tyres looking clean and polished for longer. 
Long-lasting Results
Pro-Kleen’s tyre Shine is long-lasting, durable and resistant. This means it’ll keep your tyres looking fresh, clean and shiny for longer, without you have to constantly reapply the product. 
Protects Your Tyres
Our unique formula is solvent-free and protects your tyres with ease. It’s easy to apply and protects and shines your tyres to prevent cracking, fading, and hardening. 
Easy to Apply for an Even Coverage
It’s super easy to get amazing results with Tyre Shine. By simply brushing or wiping the product onto your tyres, you’ll get a super shiny and even coverage to leave your tyres looking better than ever. 
How to Use
1. Clean tyres thoroughly before use. 
2. Apply Tyre Shine using a foam applicator or a brush and spread evenly across the tyre.
3. Tyre Shine can be applied on all unpainted and plastic and rubber parts. 
4. Only use on recommended areas. Do not use on motorcycle tyres.