100m Roll Of Buddle Wrap 300mm Wide

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Excellent Premium Quality with Full Roll.
Perfect for Packing, Picking, Protecting and Moving Things.
Small Bubble to Stop things from Scraping against each other Perfect for Extra fragile items.
Perfect Eco Friendly, Recyclable, Bubble Wrap for Storage, House Moving, Office, Shipping and Transport.
Approx Size : 300mm x 100m.
Protect your Kitchen:
Moving your kitchen items can be a scary task, your kitchen has some of the most fragile items. Make sure you pack your items securely and with plenty of protection to keep them safe during transit. Bubble Wrap is the perfect option.

Protect your valuables:
Have a family heirloom? Expensive lamps or decor? Whatever is important to you, that you want to protect, wrap it in bubble wrap to keep it free from damage. Show your children how to get the job done right.

Protect Large items:
Have T.V.'s. monitors, furniture, mirrors, or pictures that you don't have to get damaged. Bubble wrap is a good way to keep them safe. These large rolls get the job done.

Bubble Cushioning Wrap Offers the Best Protection!