100 Assorted Stainless Steel Jubilee Clips Set With Driver

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100  Adjustable 8-44mm Diameter Jubilee Clips Plus Fitting Tool 


High Precision Adjustable Worm Gear Hose Clamps.High quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, will not rust for Long-term use.
You can adjust the size according to demand, worm friction is small.
Application: Perfect For Automobile Pipelines, Water Pipes, Chemical Machinery Pipeline.

Material: Stainless Steel
Quantity: 100PCS
Size: Between 8--44mm

1Pcs: Z Wrench
10 Pcs: 32mm - 44mm/1.26 inch inch - 1.73 inch inch (Approx.)
10 Pcs: 25mm - 38mm/0.98 inch inch - 1.50 inch inch (Approx.)
10 Pcs: 22mm - 32mm/0.87 inch inch - 1.26 inch inch (Approx.)
10 Pcs: 19mm - 29mm/0.75 inch inch - 1.14 inch inch (Approx.)
10 Pcs: 16mm - 25mm/0.63 inch inch - 0.98 inch inch (Approx.)
15 Pcs: 13mm - 19mm/0.51 inch inch - 0.75 inch inch (Approx.)
15 Pcs: 10mm - 16mm/0.39 inch inch - 0.63 inch inch (Approx.)
20 Pcs: 8mm - 12mm/0.31 inch inch - 0.47 inch inch (Approx.)