10 Tungsten Solid Carbide Burrs For Rotary Bit Tools

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All with fitted 3.17mm diameter mandrels will fit most rotary tools .
One set has 10pcs , different use for your demand.hese 10 HSS Routing Bits are perfect for all sorts of jobs like Model making .
For processing of metallic and Non-metallic surfaces,can be used for engraving, polishing,etc.
Made of HHS high speed steel, durable,wearproof.
Portable, easy to carry and install.
Great for craft, airfix modelling, home, repairs etc you name it
Using an engraving machine or mini-Drill various forms of cutting part provide efficient processing.
Perfect for all sorts off jobs like model making,compatible with other multi-tool machines.


Package includes:
10pcs x rotary file set.