10.0 x 50mm All Purpose Fixing Plugs

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10.0mm x 50mm BI-FIX All Purpose General Fixing for Brick, Block, Concrete, Stone and Plasterboard

Universal wall plug made from 2-component materials providing better load capacities in both solid and hollow building materials. 
With flexibility for optimum fix, either by expanding, folding or knotting, dependent on the substrate used. 
Features a narrow plug rim to prevent slipping in the drill hole and allows for positioned and push-through installation. 
Serrated profile to prevent plug rotation and a short plug length to reduce drilling time. 
With good plug feedback so its known when the plug is installed correctly. 
Suitable for concrete, solid brick, perforated brick, plasterboard, hollow block etc.
Suitable for Hollow & Solid Walls
Feedback When Plug is Installed
Short Plug Length Reduces Drilling Time Secure and perfect installation
High load capacity, maximum fixing reliability
1 single plug to carry out all your projects
4 expansion sectors in two directions
Large anti-slip collar
Perfect centring of the screw Anti-rotation fins
Greater resistance and perfect suitability on all supports
Similar to Fischer DuoPower
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